- A -
ANAEROBIC THRESHOLD: The exercise level where the body begins to switch from aerobic (oxygen-using) to less-efficient anaerobic processes to produce energy.
- B -
BLOW UP: see bonk. BONK: To exercise to the point of depletion of the body's energy stores, leaving one extremely weak and giddy.
- C -
CADENCE: Pedaling rate, measured in revolutions per minute (rpm).
- I -
INTERVAL TRAINING: Training with short periods of very intense exertion.
- O -
OXYGEN DEBT: To go anaerobic.
- R -
ROAD RASH: Abraded skin caused by a crash.
- S -
SADDLE SORE: An abrasion, boil or pressure sore caused by contact with the saddle.
- V -
VO2 MAX: A person's maximum oxygen intake rate.

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