The Story of Paceline Cyclery

We've been serving Tahlequah since 1987

The History of Paceline

Paceline was opened up by Clint Ward in June 5th 1987 in the center of Tahleqah at 206 S. Muskogee.

It was opened as a bicycle skateboard / inline skate shop with full bicycle services and repair.

Clint had owned Paceline for 5 years, but was deciding to close it down to stay with his kids, but decided to sell the business to David.

David Rogers, the new owner, who is originally from Tahlequah, had managed a bike shop in Tulsa for 2 years called "Cycles International".  David talked Clint into selling Paceline to him in the spring of 1992.  David was 23 years old at the time.  He kept it at its original location for a little over 1 year, until his uncle helped him purchase the existing building at 500 N. Musktogee to be close to NSU.

Dave lived into the back of the shop for about 7 years as he grew his shop into what it is today. 

Paceline got its first shop dog named Rage Septemer 21st 1996. 
Rage spent everyday in the shop hanging out.
Rage died August13th 1997. 

Turbo them became the shop dog in September 1997 at 5 weeks old.
Turbo hung out at the shop for 9 years,

After 6 years Octane joined turbo at the shop.  Octane is Turbos son. 

Due to the business growing and David moving out of the shop and building a house in the country, both dogs retired and moved out to the new house.

Up until 2 years ago, skateboards were a big part of Paceline's business.  David then decided to focus strictly on bicycles and became a full bike shop, doing away with clothing lines too.

He has carreid a wide range of different brands and comapnies trying to keep the most exciting brands around for the people of Tahequah..

He always tries to keep his shop on the cutting edge of what is hot and cool in cycling.